This week Japanese Health Officials halt distribution of 2.6 Million doses of Moderna after two people die shortly after receiving the shot. Multiple sources are reporting these deaths are a result of contaminants without providing meaningful evidence of a direct causal link that contaminants were the actual cause of death. The origin and composition of the alleged contaminants is still undisclosed, but according to Reuters “a tiny black substance” was found in a discarded vial in the Gunma Prefecture, and “pink material” was discovered in a used syringe in Okinawa.

Sources did not provide any details on how these two articles of bio-waste were linked directly to the Japanese Moderna recipients, nor were any additional contaminated materials located elsewhere. Gunma and Okinawa Prefectures have a combined population of 3,394,788 people. How many tons of bio-waste in the form of used syringes and Moderna vials are produced by this region in a day? We do not know, but it is surely a considerable amount.

It is a remarkable conclusion that causality of these two deaths can be drawn from the production of two possibly contaminated items found amidst an ocean of biomedical waste. Did the investigation stop once two apparently contaminated articles were located? How were these items directly linked to the victims? These are questions that remain unanswered, but Title 42 of the U.S. Code may provide some insight.

Title 42 of U.S. Code lists the legal definition of vaccine-related injury or death:

The term “vaccine-related injury or death” means an illness, injury, condition, or death associated with one or more of the vaccines set forth in the Vaccine Injury Table, except that the term does not include an illness, injury, condition, or death associated with an adulterant or contaminant intentionally added to such a vaccine.

Title 42 of U.S. Code § 300aa–33(5)

The definition provides a causal exception in vaccine-related injury and death for contaminants. Moderna and the media are making the case that contaminates, not the Moderna gene therapy product, were the actual cause of death, but as we have seen they have not provided any compelling evidence for this claim.

VaxAction is not the only observer skeptical of this excuse. According to MSM Takahiro Kinoshita, a physician and vice-chair of Cov-Navi, a Japanese vaccine information group, told Reuters that if the deaths were due to the contaminated substances, more people would have likely gotten ill from that batch.

The Contaminant Cover-up
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10 thoughts on “The Contaminant Cover-up

  • If people haven’t figured out that these DEATH SHOTS are exactly that, then I guess it’s time to THIN THE HERD! Let’s just hope the NAZI liberals got all their shots.

    1. Medical procedures should not be forced. The public can form their own opinions based on the consultative expertise of their trusted medical professionals, get multiple opinions, and do their own research. It is amazing to us that the pharmaceutical distribution company that holds the Japanese Moderna contract is allowed to investigate these deaths in the first place – and in doing so miraculously “discover” two questionable looking articles of bio-waste and poof the mystery of the dead Moderna recipients is solved without ever establishing a clear causal link. The point of the report was to raise awareness that contamination will likely become a recurring cover story for vaccine-related injury and death.

    2. What I think those of us who feel they know better that to to get the kill shot, because they do their own research, and feel that those who do get it deserve to die for their stupidity often fail to realize is that not every vaxasshat will die, some will integrate with tech and those will be the ones who eventually turn in the non-compliant non-vaxers. It will be like the screamers in invasion of the body snatchers when the nanotechnology within the vaxed begins to self organize, mutate and self-replicate within the host turning them into zombie like servants who will own nothing and will be happy about it.

    3. Of course NONE of them did. They helped create the death shots. These elites are getting Adrenochrome shots, while the sheep beg for death shots.

  • I am not from the future and I cannot see the future, but I can predict this fall/winter there will be 10s of millions of deaths in ths US alone majority will be vaccinated! How do I know? Because ALL the experts doctors and scientists have already Proven this time and time again. The vaccine is a bioweapon please wake up anyone in a govt position wake up! If our military, police, doctors, nurses, architects, engineers, farmers, teachers ect are all expendable do you really believe that politicians and your families will be saved? Your being used! If not for your country and citizens be selfish stand up for yourself and your family because while Gates and Soros are living in bunkers or a private Island hiding like COWARDS you will be here with us. No country is safe. Military, Police, Politicians STAND with the people!! This is it do or die you can be part of the solution or part of our collective downfall.

  • I will never ever take the shots is rather die by my own sword. But can anyone answer why more people aren’t dying? Why do some bodies react right away? And everyone else I know feels perfectly fine. I’m not saying I want people to die but I want it to be more obvious to everyone what’s happening. Also the people that I’ve heard have died are all either Latino or African-American. Is this an ethnic bio weapon?

    1. Lets see what the booster does. Can you not see some of the people who have been injected as becoming less human, further from God in some ways. Do not doubt the intuition in you given by God.

  • I cannot even watch news anymore. Alternative sites are for me now. Glad Japan is somewhat “clueing” in. How do I access reported reports on this site? Maybe they get resent somewhere else and we do not get to see them? Someone point me in the right direction please.

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