In the latest installment Project Veritas demonstrates the need for an independent open Vaccine Injury Reporting System, and why it is so important for Vaccine Victims, their family members, and friends to take matters into their own hands instead of relying on hospital staff and report vaccine-related injuries to!

According to Federal whistleblower Jodi O’Malley hospitals and healthcare workers who are required by law to report issues to VAERS are refusing to do so on ideological grounds. Many reports that are filed will later be censored, dropped, or otherwise never make it into the publicly visible VAERS totals.

If you or someone you know has been injured or killed by a vaccine file a VaxAction report. It is easy, confidential, and only takes a minute. The information you share can save lives, and also stand as a record of proof when the criminals who have been profiteering off vaccine liability protection finally face justice. Spread the word.

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Project Veritas Series:

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